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The Dicke Family Library

Rumsey Hall's Dicke Family Library is centrally located on campus, adjacent to the study hall and computer lab with easy access to all classrooms. The library is a relaxing and comfortable environment where students, faculty and staff come to read, look for information, work productively with friends and colleagues, and innovate in our Makerspace.



Like most libraries, ours is a place for study, research, creating and leisure reading. The library's program focuses on creating lifelong readers and problem solvers. We strive to maintain a collection that supports the curriculum and provides a variety of books and resources that meet the diverse needs and interests of our students, faculty and staff.

The main goals of the library are to help Rumsey students develop the information literacy skills necessary to access and use print and digital information productively, ethically, safely and responsibly, as well as to encourage students to develop a love of books and lifelong reading habits. In addition to books in print, students have access to eBooks and audiobooks.

We believe that research skills are best taught within the context of ongoing class projects and assignments. We accomplish this by collaborating with teachers to develop research units tailored to the needs of the curriculum. In order to ensure continuity of skills, the librarian is a member of the Curriculum Committee.


For questions please contact:
Valerie DiLorenzo P '15, '18
Library Media Specialist

Our Library and Media Center is a Hub of Connection and Creativity